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150 times a day

150 times a day… this is the estimation of the number of times we touch our phones during a 24 hours period.
Whether it be to take a photo, read a notification, send an SMS of just checking for checking, we can assume two third of these interruptions are unnecessary. The question of the use and overuse of screens is starting to be debated now in many countries.  Social media in particular is starting to receive negative press. Parents of teens lament of the time spent on screens by their children, but they are not the only ones. It is starting to be common to hear complains about phones that take too much room in people’s life. Like the girl in this New Yorker’s cover, have you ever experienced this situation of being with someone who isn’t really here with you?

Screens is the new addiction Receiving messages and notification on our phones make us happy. At the very moment we receive them, our body generates dopamine and we feel a kick of satisfaction. Dopamine being the same hormo…

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